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qualru's Journal

sometimes I'm Kim Fielding

21 March 1967
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I like to write. Unfortunately, life interferes, and I don't actually get to do it very often.

In real life, I'm a professor, parent, textbook author, civil libertarian.... Back when I was a teenager and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I went through a punk period, which I guess I've never quite outgrown. I possess 20+ year old Ramones records on vinyl. :-) But I guess the best way to describe my interests is eclectic!

I've recently written my first novel, Stasis, and I'm very excited about it. You can buy it at Amazon; my pen name is Kim Fielding.

I really appreciate feedback, so if you read something I wrote, I'd love it if you dropped me a line (or a comment) and let me know!