Favor please!!

So I have a big favor to ask of you. If you've read my original novel Stasis, please go to Amazon and write me a review. An honest review! So if you hated it, by all means say so. I'm going to try to get Stasis featured in this newsletter but I need more reviews first. If you've read the sequel, Flux, reviews would be lovely there, too! I'll be writing the third book in the trilogy beginning in two days. :-)

Thank you!!


Sequel to Stasis now available!

Hi folks! Last year you read my original novel Stasis here. I've written a sequel entitled Flux. For now, Flux is available for a fee--you can buy it in print or Kindle format via the links below, and it will soon be available in print at all bookstores. This may seem greedy of me, but I donate 100% of my royalties to Doctors Without Borders and I see this as a good way to earn a little money for a very deserving charity. I will eventually post the novel here as well, but if you can't wait or you want to make a donation to a good cause, please consider buying the book now. Thank you!

In Kindle format from Amazon for $5.
In print form from Amazon for $14.
In print form from CreateSpace for $14 (less convenient than Amazon but I get a bigger royalty).


Thank you again for your kind comments on Stasis! I'm so very glad you enjoyed it! I'm definitely hoping to write a sequel some time this year, whenever the muse is in the right mood. In the meantime, please consider writing a review on Amazon; it would make very happy (and maybe help me sell some hard copies--remember, all my royalties got to Doctors without Borders). Also in the meantime, if you enjoyed my writing you might like some of the slashy fanfic I've posted on my other lj account. I'm a fan of Spike the vampire. :-)

Alternate Stasis covers

So if you've been reading Stasis online or peeked at it on Amazon, you saw sentine 's amazing cover--the teeny version of it is the upserpic you see here. What you didn't see were the other, equally amazing covers she made. She's posted them now, so take a look, even if you're not reading the story. She is so talented, and I had an incredibly hard time choosing just one!

Stasis coming soon

Later this week I'll post the first chapter of Stasis here. And then I'll post the rest, one per day, beginning Dec 26 or 27. In the meantime, if you want a hard copy, you can buy it here and I'll donate my royalties to charity. It will be available on Amazon soon as well.

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Like the new userpic? Younger daughter (who's 5) made it for me last night. He does have hair--it's just yellow like his face. No nose, though. But he's wearing a belt, and the bondagey-looking thing around his neck is actually the amulet.